Unabridged Freedom

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Fellow book lovers will understand the significance behind the word unabridged.

When a book is abridged it is generally with the goal of making it easier for the reader. It is less demanding, less complex, and less overwhelming. But abridging also quells its identity, authenticity & truth.

An unabridged book, however, is whole. It is rich, it is deep, and it is challenging. The unabridged book is seen & heard for everything that it is. Not just the best parts. In it resides the purpose, intention & soul of the Author.

The unabridged book is free to be just as it is. Not selfishly, but freed to everything it was written for.


So here’s to no longer abridging ourselves to be easier, smaller, or more palatable. Here’s to the unraveling that requires me to faithfully remember that freedom already belongs to me.

I am loved as I was written.

And so are you.

Kellyn Swift

I have loved learning about what makes us who we are for as long as I can remember. I began exploring the enneagram over four years ago during a very overwhelming time in my life while battling with neurological Lyme disease & its effects on my mental health. What I learned about myself along the way helped me re-structure my priorities & relationships in a way that allowed me to get the help I needed & begin to live truly unabridged for the first time in my life. 

I became passionate about helping others achieve this same kind of freedom in their lives & completed my certification as an enneagram coach through Beth McChord’s Becoming an Enneagram Coach program in 2019. Since then I have taught many classes on the essentials of the enneagram & coached friends & acquaintances in understanding their dominant type & how it impacts the way they relate to themselves, to the world & to others.

I’m married to my Army Aviator, in school part-time for Psychology & Christian Counseling & homeschooling our five great kids. I absolutely love learning & continue to read every book I can on mental health, spiritual health & thriving with neurodivergence. All of these things have enriched what I have to offer & I am more excited than ever about branching out in brand new ways to share what I have learned & continue to learn with the world around me.

I can't wait to get to know your unique story.