Do you wish you had a handbook to make sense of the world & better understand yourself & the people around you?


EnneaEssentials is a six-month course on the essentials of the enneagram taught with the whole person in mind. This program is designed to help you grow your compassion for & communication with yourself and the people in your life, without spending years of research and thousands of dollars to do it. 

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What Can I Expect?

-Two Live Video Lessons Every Month via Zoom (Recorded)
Course Topics 

-Q&A Sessions In-Between Classes

-Private Community to Learn & Grow With

-Access to Me!


I am offering a special launch rate of $57 or $11/month for 6 months through December 1st!

After that the price will increase to $97 or $17/month for 6 months.

Accessibility is extremely important to me, so I have kept it affordable & offer payment plans. We are also working on providing applications & funding for a few scholarship slots!

No matter how you jump in, be sure to do so before December 31st when registration closes!

Investing in yourself is always worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q When does the course start?

A. We officially launch classes in January! However, during the month of December I will be offering fun extra content like short videos, journal prompts & tips for thriving through the holidays in our private community group.

Q. How much time will I need to commit to this?

A. Classes average around an hour each. Q&A sessions will be around 20 minutes long. With 2 classes & 2 Q&A videos every month it will take around 3 hours to engage with the content. How much you interact with me, with others in the group, ask questions & follow any suggestions for reflection work will be totally up to you. Of course, the more you engage with the material, ask questions, share & hear from others, the more you will learn & grow your compassion & communication.

Q. Will you offer this again?

The EnneaEssentials course videos WILL be available in June of next year! However, this will be the ONLY time this course is offered in live video format, with a private community group, direct access to me & bi-monthly Q&A sessions; I could have skipped the live course & went straight to the pre-recorded version, but I really believe something beautiful will come out of this unique group setting.

Q. Why take a course when there is so much information online & in books?

Me! The best thing about this course is that you can take advantage of the knowledge I've spent years accumulating & synthesizing. Not only do you get all the most significant information, all in one place, but you get it from my unique, compassionate, whole-person perspective. You don’t have to spend hours, days & weeks trying to choose the best resources, make sense of seemingly conflicting information, interpret heady language, or trying to pull deep meaning out of memes.

Q. What if I miss a class?

A. All live classes will be recorded and then uploaded into the course platform for you to watch when you're ready! Of course, it will be beneficial to watch them before the following week’s Q&A session when possible, but the community platform will still leave space for conversation & questions no matter when you watch.

Q. How long do I get access to the course for?

A. As long as the internet exists! When the live course is over, all classes will be compiled in the platform, which you will have your own login for!

Q. Can I gift this course to someone else?

A. YES! I'm so glad you asked! We personally love gifting experiences & education, so we are happy to send you a beautiful gift card with a unique code that can be printed & given to the EnneaNerd in your life! Another incredible opportunity we are offering is for you to donate toward scholarships for those who would otherwise not be able to afford taking this course!

Q. Can I share my login with someone else?

A. It takes a lot of time & effort, not only to create the content, but to spend time learning everything it takes to give you something worth watching! My request is that your login only be used for you & the individuals in your household. If someone else isn't ready to purchase the course, we offer monthly payment plans & a few scholarships each year! Thank you for honoring me as I serve you.

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Kellyn Swift, Holistic Enneagram Coach.

I love stories. I have loved the process of understanding what makes us who we are for as long as I can remember. I began exploring the enneagram more deeply around four years ago during a very intense time in my life. The discoveries I made about myself & the way I see God & the world propelled me into a very holistic approach to healing. After all, I was created a whole, unique individual, a reflection of the image of God. I began to restructure my understanding of who God is, what my priorities were & how my relationships operated in a way that allowed me to begin to live fully myself for the very first time.

I became passionate about helping others achieve this same kind of freedom in their lives & finished my certification as an enneagram coach through Beth McCord’s Becoming an Enneagram Coach program in 2019. Since then I have taught many classes on the essentials of the enneagram & coached friends & acquaintances in understanding their dominant type & how it impacts the way they relate to the world & to others. I am more excited than ever about branching out to share what I have learned in other ways with the world around me.

You don’t need the enneagram to grow, but it is an incredibly effective tool for discovering deep compassion for yourself & others & learning to communicate in healthier ways, with yourself & with the people you care about. More than anything, my desire in this is to see you learning what it feels like to live your life unabridged & free.

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